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90 day Jane

Like Hemant and Shnakepup, I am convinced that the latest idiocy, “90 day Jane“, is nothing but another dishonest attempt by the religious to fight the “rise of eeeeevil atheism”.

Consider her description:

I am going to kill myself in 90 days. What else should i say? This blog is not a cry for help or even to get attention. It’s simply a public record of my last 90 days in existence. I’m not depressed and nothing extremely horrible has lead me to this decision. But, does it really have to? I mean, as an atheist I feel life has no greater purpose. My generation has had no great depression, no great war and our biggest obstacle is beating Halo 3.

“… as an atheist I feel life has no greater purpose”? Gee, that sounds just like what theists love to say about atheists… and what atheists either don’t say, or say literally; in other words, the lack of a “greater” purpose just means that we don’t have someone telling us what to do, so we have to (responsibility! scary!) decide for ourselves, come up with a purpose on our own.

Quoting Shnakepup:

Expect “Jane” to start laying the nihilism and hedonism on thick, all the while spouting off about how pointless it all is. Then, closer to the due date, we’ll see more and more posts featuring Jane reconsidering her godless, wasteful existence , and pondering if maybe there’s something more. Cue religious friend who sets her straight on the lie of atheism, and who tells her all the church has to offer in it’s place. Instead of killing herself on Day 90, we’ll see her changing her mind and deciding to live her life with Jesus! Warm fuzzy music plays and everybody learns a valuable lesson.

Indeed. Now, I wonder… as an atheist, I would never do something like this (say, “faking” a deconversion). Why? Because it would be dishonest, and the same love of truth that makes me an atheist prevents me from even considering something like this. The belief in “saving souls” for brownie points in heaven, even if you have to cheat, lie, and hurt people to do it, is, apparently, something very typical in evangelical Christianity.

EDIT: it was just an experiment, after all. Either that, or they aborted it because they can’t follow their plan to talk about the emptiness of atheism for 3 months and then “find Jesus” on day 90, because we were on to them on day 4. Nothing to see here, folks.

Heaven and Hell, or nothing: which would you prefer?

Imagine that you had two options, and you could choose now, with no chance of going back later:

Choice A: there is no heaven or hell; no afterlife, no consciousness after you die.

Choice B: there is an afterlife, in heaven (eternal bliss) or hell (eternal torment), and you have a 10% chance of going to hell.

Which would you choose?

To me, if you don’t choose A instantly, you have never thought for a minute about what “eternal torment” – or even just the “eternal” part – means. Because the mere possibility of that, no matter how remote, should be enough to make anyone live in absolute terror.

Even eternal boredom is infinitely worse than the worst of monsters that ever lived deserves. Because there’s no escape, no reprieve, absolutely no hope of an end, of a sweet oblivion.

Now, as an atheist, I believe there’s no choice here: it’s A whether we want it or not. A theist probably believes the opposite.

Why don’t theists live their lives in abject terror? Well, some of them will use the “my god isn’t a monster and doesn’t send people to hell” argument. Of course, since that deity has no biblical basis, it’s obvious that it’s a god they’ve made up, with the traits they believe God should have. Since I don’t think belief shapes reality, I can’t accept that the god you or him or her or them – or me, if I wanted to – have invented can possibly exist. (As I’ve said many times on this blog, if you believe in a good god, you’ve made him up, and he can safely be dismissed.)

Others will believe that hell exists, but will be certain that, somehow, they’re completely free – or “saved” – from it. They’re sure that they have the proper “get out of jail free” card. Because they have faith in Jesus, because they have said the magic words, because they obey most of Moses’ law or Mohammed’s rules. Somehow, they’re certain that they belong to the right religion – the right branch of the right religion – even though most of the world doesn’t. They probably have the same religion as their parents, making their religion – and, according to their beliefs, whether they’re saved or not – a matter of chance, of geography.

And they don’t think there’s a non-negligible chance of ending up in eternal torment. They’re not in complete terror every moment. They can lead normal lives.

It boggles the mind.

Types and Working Mechanism of Pneumatic Tools.


Is the field handling the tools and applications based upon pressurized air or gasses. Pneumatic tools, devices, and systems vary from their electrical and hydraulic equivalents by the owning force. While electrical tools deal with electricity and hydraulic tools utilizing pressurized liquids, pneumatic tools use compressed air or gas.

There are popular examples like wrench, nail weapon, screw weapon, mill, sander, and pneumatic cylinder that are commonly used for domestic and commercial applications. The ease of use and security connected with these tools make them exceptionally popular. Here are the areas talking about different kinds of tools based on atmospheric pressure, in addition to the work systems of each.

Fundamental Working

It is a widely known fact that kept air or gasses have possible energy which is transformed into kinetic energy when they are compressed. Compressed air or gases aim to broaden, consequently requiring the piston to move with an excellent force. This force of the pressurized gases forms the basis of pneumatic tools.


A pneumatic cylinder is the easiest example of comprehending the system. The cylinders in different shapes filled with air or gases like carbon dioxide are connected to other pneumatic tools to carry out the preferred functions.

Pneumatic Guns

Air weapons based upon the concepts of pneumatics are popular for nailing and utilizing screws at a remarkable speed. The earliest forms of nail weapons were based upon atmospheric pressure usage just. Apart from building construction, woodworking and woodworking are other fields where these tools are of terrific benefit. Pneumatic screw weapons are used for quick feeding of screws for different applications.


Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders can be found in several types, like telescoping cylinder, rod-less air cylinder, rotary air cylinder, double acting cylinder, and single-acting cylinder – more here.

These cylinders are chosen for numerous factors that consist of noise-free operation and removal of the have to store liquids, as when it comes to hydraulic cylinders. An air-based pneumatic cylinder is likewise clean and environment-friendly as any leak from it does not contaminate the environments.

You can learn more here at

Pneumatic Sprayers

These tools are popular because they can cover significant surface areas with paint within short period. Their work system is quite much like that of pneumatic weapons. Different types of nozzles can be used in these tools to alter the speed of spraying the paint.

Other Tools

Pneumatic actuators are the tools including parts like pneumatic cylinder, piston, and valves and are used in the applications like oil refining and chemical markets. Another popular classification is that of pneumatic drills which are extensively chosen over those based upon electrical motors nowadays.

Mills, wrenches and sanders are other favorite tools based on pneumatics. A few of the other classifications getting appeal with the production and other commercial units consist of air compressors, air brakes, pneumatic bladder, pressure sensing unit and pressure regulator.

Makers of these tools are developing enhanced variations to help with the needs of domestic in addition to commercial users. These tools are traded among different nations and areas around the globe utilizing online business directory sites.

What are various tips to control the Termite?

The termites move in mud tubes and initiate from the ground. They eat paper, wood, or anything that has cellulose. They assault your clothing, files, components, doors, furniture, as well as currency notes.

When you see a mud tube it indicates countless termites are working throughout the day to harm your home.

The most significant issue with termites is that typically you cannot see them and the damages they trigger perhaps be found far too late to be managed.

termite poop

It’s much better to when you dealing with termites avoidance is certainly much better than remedy. You can likewise see termite images to recognize them.

If your neighbour has got the anti-termite treatment done, the termites will begin moving to new without treatment zones, which might be your home.

Termites reside in the soil and get into buildings looking for their preferred food i.e. wood and paper (anything consisting of cellulose).

They are known to be concealed intruders.

Where Can Termite Poop Be Found?

Termite frass mounds are not constantly simple to spot. Really typically the mounds of poop collect in locations in your home which are sporadically checked out, such as basements, crawlspaces, and in separated corners of hardly ever used rooms or storage areas.

They might appear along window sills, or behind furniture and devices which are rarely moved about.

Frass might likewise be covered over by carpets when termites have plagued floorboards or subflooring.

How frequently an area is purged or vacuumed will affect discovery of termite dropping proof also, it is completely possible that an invasion is taking place in structures within a typically occupied room, however that regular keeping will distribute the proof of the problem prior to build-ups most likely to acquire notification by residents.

In cases such as this, as discouraging and unfortunate as it may appear, excellent housekeeping routines are not always our allies in spotting a termite problem!

The termites live in the soil, they are known to infest even high increase buildings having more than 100 floors, moving all the way from ground to the leading flooring.

Rats are likewise known to be exceptional climbers and use drain pipelines, electrical cable televisions, lift shafts and so on to arrive floorings.

Throughout construction, termite treatments are carried out and you must take care that this occurs in your home.

Anti-termite treatment done prior to your home is built is called pre-construction anti-termite treatment. Usually 2 kinds of Termites seen in the houses, offices, buildings and so on


These termites as the name suggests are develop in dry sound wood that might have as low as 3% wetness contents. They do not needed the continuous wetness supply.

These termites are the bigger than the subesterran termites. These termites usually harms the furniture.

Among the typical signs of these termites attack is the build-up of small straw-coloured fecd pallets inside or below plagued furniture.


The termites groups typically found are called the termite nests as extremely organised societies exist within underground tunnels and chambers.

These termites construct and keep the nest. The termites search treatment for immature, scourge for food to consume and return the food to the nest. Normally termite’s food are wood and other cellulose item such as paper and cardboard.

If atheists don’t believe in God, then why do they talk about him so much?

When looking at my website statistics, I found that at least two people arrived at this blog by searching for:

“if athiests dont believe in god then why do they talk about him so much”

Yes, “atheists” was misspelled. :)

But, well, since apparently some people are looking for the answer to that, I’m going to do my duty as an atheist :) and answer.

I can, easily, see two reasons:

  • We don’t believe in God, but we certainly believe in Christians. They’re everywhere, it seems. And while most of them are harmless, a number of them are annoying… or worse. Much worse. They bomb abortion clinics.

They do their best to hinder the advancement of science and the arts. They elect candidates based not on their competency, but on whether “he prays” (and says so more often than his opponent).

They try to interfere — and get laws to do it — in the sexual lives of consenting adults. They ban stem cell research and contraceptives, thus condemning millions around the world to disease and suffering, because of books written by primitive desert nomads thousands of years ago. So, yes, Christians are a problem.

  • Wouldn’t you try to help someone descending into alcoholism? Wouldn’t you care if you saw someone destroying their lives because of booze?

Well, in a way, religion is like alcoholism. It attacks the mind, the power of reasoning, it makes people believe in absurd things. It destroys lives – both of the alcoholic / believer, and often those of their family, too.

So it’s natural that some of us care — even about strangers. We don’t think we’ll ever “unconvert” fundamentalists; by definition, they’ve long stopped thinking about their belief critically — indeed, they believe that doing so would be a sin.

But some people may be at a “crossroads”, so to speak. They may believe simply because they’ve never thought about it; everyone around them believes unquestioningly, and they’ve never even heard of an alternative. So maybe an atheist can make a difference.

Obama on religion


[…] Of course, in the end God sends down an angel to intercede at the very last minute, and Abraham passes God’s test of devotion.

But it’s fair to say that if any of us leaving this church saw Abraham on a roof of a building raising his knife, we would, at the very least, call the police and expect the Department of Children and Family Services to take Isaac away from Abraham.

Source: ‘Call to Renewal’ Keynote Address, 2006

More than good enough for me. Pity I’m not American, or I would, for the first time in my life, vote for a guy and be proud of it. (I’m assuming he’ll beat Hillary, by the way, which seems increasingly likely, according to the latest results.)

Contrast this with Mike “rewrite the Constitution so it conforms to the Bible” Huckabee, Mitt “secularism is a religion” Romney (yes, I realize he’s out), or John “Roe v. Wade should be overturned” McCain.

(To be fair, McCain seems to be by far the lesser evil amongst Republicans (which admittedly isn’t saying much, given who his current main opponent is), and would certainly be an improvement over Bush… but, then again, who wouldn’t? :) Unless an oddly convenient “terrorist” attack allows Bush to institute martial law and remain in power, things are sure to improve — not just for the U.S., but for the entire world — after November, regardless who wins the election.)

EDIT: removed the bold font emphasis on the original text. Sorry about that. ;)

Planet Atheism

Planet Atheism is an aggregator of atheism-related blogs. You can visit it here: Planet Atheism.

Personally, I find that it makes for great breakfast reading: by opening a single page in the browser, I can “read the news”, so to speak, from a number of very nice atheist blogs. If I want to comment on a post, I just click on the link and go to the post on the blog itself. Of course, that’s just me; there are, surely, many other ways to use it.

Have an atheist-related blog, where at least half the posts are about atheism, religion and related subjects? With a full (that is, not just small excerpts) RSS feed, if possible (though that’s not a condition)? Why not join?

Joining Planet Atheism

Simply email with your blog’s details.

A link to Planet Atheism on your blog is also appreciated, though not mandatory.

What do you gain

Basically, more visibility for your blog. Planet Atheism is still relatively new, but I expect it to keep on growing both in number of member blogs and in readership, and any regular reader of PA will see your posts among those of the other members. If they want to comment, they just click on the link for your post, and will be taken to your blog, where they can do so. Anyone who’s interested in atheism can use Planet Atheism as a “hub”, and then go to any post he or she finds interesting to comment on it.

You also gain a page linking to your blog, which helps it in terms of search engine optimization.

Finally, I expect that other members of Planet Atheism will, themselves, read PA often, and they are likely to link to posts of yours that they find interesting. In other words, you get other atheist bloggers as regular readers.


Anyone who reads your blog through Planet Atheism, of course, won’t see any advertisements you have on your blog (they will do so when they go there to post or read comments), though. This should not have an effect on any earnings you have, since your current readers won’t probably change their habits and will visit your blog directly. Besides, with the search engine optimization advantage I mentioned above, you should get more direct visitors from Google and other search engines.

Go to homepage:

“Letter to a Christian Nation”, by Sam Harris

Yesterday, I finished reading Sam Harris (author of “The End of Faith”)‘s latest mini-book, “Letter to a Christian Nation”. The book is Harris’ reply to the criticisms he received after writing the first book, in the form of a letter (as the title suggests) to an average American “born again” Christian.

I highly recommend the book, though, again, the ones need it the most will dismiss is as “the work of Satan”.

One part of the letter incensed me – I didn’t believe such a thing was possible in the modern world. But there’s no end to human depravity, it seems. From the book:

Consider, for instance, the human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is now the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States. These pious men and women want to preserve cervical cancer as an incentive toward abstinence, even if it sacrifices the lives of thousands of women each year.

I was absolutely shocked as I read that. My only thoughts were: “YOU… FUCKING… MONSTERS!”

And there’s more:

[…]Reginald Finger, an Evangelical member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, recently announced that he would consider opposing an HIV vaccine – because such a vaccine would encourage premarital sex by making it less risky.

Now, please…

1- Don’t talk to me again about how religion and faith do “good” in the world.

2- Don’t tell me that such monsters are deranged extremists, not “true Christians”, and not representative of Christianity. The Bible agrees with them, which makes them more Christian than you are. And you agree that they have a right to those beliefs. It’s your “tolerant” idea that beliefs are “sacred” that protects such vermin from criticism and allows them to exist.

Sorry for all the anger, but this had to be said.


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